The Innovator Grant process for 2016-2017 has been closed. We are happy to announce that we have awarded 16 Innovator Grants this year. Please check back in the spring for information about the 2017-2018 grant process.

The Portsmouth Schools Foundation Innovator Grant program creates a unique professional development opportunity—a teacher network for sharing what works in the classroom. It rewards teachers who have developed innovative classroom strategies and supports those who like to try those practices in their own classrooms. It fosters new learning opportunities for students by helping teachers learn from each other.

This grant program is guided by a steering committee of education and business professionals. They set the direction, write the guidelines, and make decisions about how it will be implemented and disseminated. The grants are awarded in November of each school year, and the programs must take place between November and May.

All grant recipients of the Portsmouth Public Schools are honored at the Annual Meeting each spring. At the Annual Meeting grant recipients have an opportunity to describe their grant and display related student work or give a demonstration of their program.

Each year the Foundation gives approximately $10,000 in mini grants for innovation in education to teachers, staff and parents. These grants provide money for the development and implementation of ingenious programs to reach and motivate students. They allow teachers to move beyond the core curriculum by supporting enriching educational projects, encouraging creative and effective teaching and recognizing creative teachers. This alternative learning environment encourages networking of successful projects with other teachers and supports teachers in their continuing professional development.


For more information contact:
Sabrina Lee Evans, Executive Director
Portsmouth Schools Foundation
801 Crawford Street
Portsmouth, Virginia 23704
Telephone: (757) 393-5356
FAX: (757) 393-8445
Email:sabrina.evansThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2016-2017 Innovator Grants Winners


Erin Griffith-Mosley Differentiated Instruction thru Art Churchland Academy
Dallas Lee Vanlear Designing Nutrition for the Fifth Grade Students Churchland Academy
Susan Hoover Can You Hear Me Now? Churchland Elementary
Betty Sherrill Information, Please! Churchland Elementary
Annette German Snap Circuits, Learning Electrics: Fun & Easy Churchland Primary & Intermediate
Jennifer Goodman-Hayes Poppin Into Phonic! Churchland Primary & Intermediate
Blossom Hargrove Kindergarters Can Write Too!! Churchland Primary & Intermediate
Kasey Hutson Dot & Dash: Discovering Coding and Problem Solving Skills in the 21st Century Churchland Primary & Intermediate
Tamar Madkins Reading Is Fun Using WhisperPhones Churchland Primary & Intermediate
Angela Phelps Math in a Flash! Can Churchland Primary & Intermediate
Gwendolyn Towe Global News: Creating a 21st Century Learner Churchland Primary & Intermediate
Mary Whidbee Sight Words on a Bracelets Churchland Primary & Intermediate
LaCretia White Be A Better Me! Churchland Primary & Intermediate
Sharon Jenkins-Clark Math Reads Hodges Manor
Endia Hatcher Wii Math for th eMiddle School IRC
Kelly Brewster It's a Sound Investment John Tyler
Jennifer Patgorski The Mathematician John Tyler
Marie Weber Teaching Literacy with Musical Stories John Tyler
Tracey Scott Simply Speaking Lakeview Elementary
Velvet Smith What's Your Hue? Lakeview Elementary
Darlene Mueller Exercise Disguised as Play to Increase Preschool Activity Olive Branch
Laura Rieg Promoting Success for Kids in Motion Olive Branch
Mecca Lankford Microscopic Science Topics W.E. Waters
Rachael McNeive Yesterday's Dinner W.E. Waters
Sherrye Pollard UV is like sunshine to me! W.E. Waters
Sherry Pollard What can we do for each other? W.E. Waters
Aimee Sirna Print making update W. E. Waters
Paul Wilson, Jr. Not an Afterthought Woodrow Wilson High



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